On March 7, 1996, Chandler Danielle Mae Merrell was born in Nacogdoches, Texas. The proud first-time parents were Danny and Glenda Merrell.  If you were around East Texas back then and if you listened occasionally to KICKS 105, you probably heard quite a bit about the pregnancy and birth of Chandler.

As a proud soon-to-be dad, I used the radio as a means to share this exciting adventure.  When it came time for my wife to be induced into labor, I did numerous remote breaks from the hospital.  In fact, I did check-ins all the way up to the delivery.

That was over 26 years ago.  This Thursday, July 14, Chandler will be getting married.  It will be a 'Destination Wedding' at a hotel resort in Cancun.  Expensive? Actually, in many ways it's cheaper than doing the ala carte weddings in the area after paying for a venue, photographer, caterer, etc...and, the stress level is much lower.

I think I have done a decent job of keeping my emotions in check -- so far. But, this is my first born, the little girl who has dad wrapped around her finger, the baby that changed my life forever.  How will I hold up when I see her walking down the aisle to the altar and standing before the priest?  That's a good question, and I will let you know.

In fact, I'm going to let you know quite a bit. You see, I've decided to chronicle the daily events and photos leading up to the wedding.  I'm not from East Texas, but I've been here since 1990.  This is my home.  One day, I'll have a headstone here.

Likewise, you are part of my extended family.  We have daily conversations on the radio and online.  So, this is my way of inviting you to this very special event.  It will also keep me busy, so, it's also good therapy.

Let's start the adventure, here's a picture gallery of the events of day one, flying to Mexico and arriving at our resort.

Danny Merrell Chronicles His Daughter's Marriage - Day One

Danny Merrell from KICKS 105 is doing a day-by-day picture gallery of his daughter's marriage in Mexico. Here is Day One.

Gallery Credit: Danny Merrell


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