To be completely honest I had no idea where Clarendon, TX was before I looked it up online, it’s not far from Amarillo which is quite a distance from us here in East Texas. But the reason I was looking into it is because I found a beautiful home that has one of the most beautiful wrap around porches that I have ever seen. While the real estate listing says this is your chance to be the king or queen of your own castle, I don’t see this place as a castle but it’s still very nice. 

I’ve always loved the look of a wraparound porch, as I dream about retirement one day, I want to start each day with a cup of coffee on my porch. While I still have lots and lots of time before I ever even think about retirement, the porch on this home is exactly what I would want. The home was built in 1892. It’s a Victorian home and the 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house comes with 10 acres of land.  

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Lots of Room to Make This Place Your Own 

The home is a total of 2,764 square feet and then you get 10 acres of land around it, you have plenty of room to make this property whatever you want it to be. But the way it looks now is not bad at all. The price isn’t bad either as it’s currently listed at $350,000. 

Plenty of Fireplaces at the Place in Clarendon, TX 

This place has 5 working fireplaces so if you never have to worry about getting cold, just start another fire. You could also turn this property into a beautiful bed and breakfast, the possibilities are endless. Check out the photos.  

Clarendon, TX Home For Sale With Wrap Around Porch

This home was built in 1892 but looks amazing and the list price is $350,000.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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