Heads up, Texas, we're about the discover the smartest listener in the Lone Star State, and if they have the gusto to stay on top. "Fone Fact" is a trivia game where you get to flex your big brain, and claim bragging rights on your own page right here on US 105.


Very soon, we will be playing Fone Fact every weekday morning at 6:30 on the Morning Reveille with the sole purpose of putting the spotlight on you. Some might consider our questions to be nothing more than useless trivia, but that is simply because they are envious their photo is not being featured on the wall of fame.

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Fone Fact: New Game That Will Discover Texas's Smartest Listener

If you dare to enter the competition, be prepared to jump right to the final question because this is morning radio and nobody has time for multiple rounds. Also, you better already have had your morning coffee because you are not getting 30 seconds to come up with the answer.

If you do get the answer immediately, your selfie will be placed on our 5 star wall. The more clues you need will slide your "Foto" down until you crash into the zero star cellar.

Don't like your spot at the bottom, then sign up again to pull yourself up by your brain straps, and challenge your family and friends to see if they can do any better.

If you think you have what it takes to be the best at Fone Fact, then enter for your chance to play below.