We've all heard of weird crimes in the state of Texas.

When a weird breaking of the law happens, we all left simply wondering "why is that a law?' or "how did somebody manage to pull that off?" Simply put, it always catches us off guard. To say the least, there are probably many unorthodox laws in the Lone Star State that we don't know about.

Nobody wants to break the law accidently of course. But when somebody does, everyone scratches their head, the individual apologizes, and we all share a laugh. But for one woman in Texas, there isn't much laughing. Instead there's more confusion than anything.

Why are some confused? Well, a warrant for arrest was put out for her over an...overdue library book?

One Overdue Library Book Causes Issues For A Mother In Texas

KHOU 11 reports that Kaylee Morgan from Texas is dealing with the aftermath of learning there was warrant her arrest, regarding theft of government property. But what exactly lead to the issuing of the warrant/

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Morgan told KHOU 11 that when she was pregnant, her husband went return some books to library. But, there was one book that didn't fit in the return box. He was unable to return said book, but Morgan did indeed return the book after some time.

Morgan only recently found out about the warrant when she was renewing her driver's license, per KHOU 11. She appeared before a judge, and was ordered to pay a $600 fine. Due to a low amount of funds, she started a GoFundMe, which you can see here.

Do you agree or disagree with the fine? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app.

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