Much of eastern Texas is recovering from Hurricane Beryl and when storms sweep across a region, many odd things show up on the roadways.

In recent years we've seen animals and reptiles re-located after storms and often they end up in the roadways or years of those impacted by storms.

Well, in Texas, several roadways had debris on them after Beryl swept across the state and much of the debris came from homes or businesses that were hit hard but the storm.

Water was also an issue in many parts of Texas, thus things that were in people's yards were moved as the water rose. Once the water levels receded, whatever was relocated stayed where it was and one particular object on a highway caught the attention of many.

Credit: Zoom.Earth
Credit: Zoom.Earth

The Houston Police Officer's Union shared a photo on social media and from afar it resembles what they jokingly said it was. In the viral social media post the union said they located the Loch Ness Monster after Hurricane Beryl.

On the side of the road, you can see something there, that probably doesn't belong, and the police officer's union said it was the elusive creature that some have been searching for.

Well, it didn't turn out to be the Loch Ness Monster, what was on the side of the highway was a chair, and it did catch the attention of many.

Take a look here and from afar, it does somewhat resemble the mysterious creature that some say is out there in the water.


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