Everything is sooo expensive these days. Especially, houses! Since you probably paid a pretty penny for your humble abode, here are some simple (and cheap) ways to make your home look as expensive as it actually is.

Things That are Making Your Home Look "Cheap"?

There are several things that are keeping your home from being "luxurious." Some of these points you probably don't even think about. According to Veranda, designers say that the biggest things keeping your home from being next level nice includes:

  • Clutter- Less is more. Too many things in a room can make it feel dated.
  • Cheap Drapes- Save for the good stuff.
  • Outdated Lighting- Vintage is one thing, but it's probably best to get rid of those brassy fixtures.

Now that you know a little bit about what to avoid, let's talk about some things that you can do to level up your home's aesthetics.

These simple design life hacks can truly change the way your home feels, without a hefty cost.

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

Here's what's making your home look "basic", and how you can level up to luxury with these simple (and cheap) updates.

Gallery Credit: Danielle Kootman

These are just a few changes that you can make to make your space feel more fancy. But remember, your space is your own. So, do whatever you like, regardless of what's considered "fancy."

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Speaking of luxury, we've gathered a list of the priciest homes in each state. Needless to say, these real estate gems are jaw-droppingly beautiful. See for yourself below. Which one is your favorite?

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