It's the 1990s all over again.

At least that's what one brand is banking on as it teases a return several years after closing its doors.

Mall Fashion Redux

At one time, seemingly every mall in America was occupied by the same stores selling clothing to tweens and teens. Shoppers came to expect these stores in just about every shopping mall:

  • American Eagle
  • Gap
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • H&M

But times change, and so do shopping habits.

Did we really need that many Buckle stores? Wait, do we even need to go to the mall at all?

Macy's store closing
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As these stores started to close locations, so went the lifeblood of malls across the U.S.

And while shopping malls continue to struggle with their own existence, one once-popular brand is hoping nostalgia will lure back its former customers that likely now have tweens and teens of their own.

A website and accompanying social media accounts for Limited Too are teasing what looks like a serious comeback for the brand.

How Limited Too Is Making A Comeback

The first post on Limited Too's Instagram went up on June 3 with the simple message of "share the nostalgia." There was no hint of the brand returning. That would change in the following days.

After sharing multiple photos of Limited Too clothing, the brand dropped the announcement its mall fashion-starved fans had be waiting for. A "reimagined" Limited Too would be launching in July.

Bloomberg News says the brand had been out of malls for at least 15 years prior to this week's announcement of a return.

So far, the Limited Too website is fairly sparse when it comes to details about what's coming next month. "Sneak peek: Our newest drop" greets visitors before sending them to checkout the Limited Too Instagram account.

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"Limited Too isn't just a brand, it's a living fashion legacy that embraces the next generation of tweens with confidence and self-expression," the "about" section of the website states. "A celebration of the past and an inspiration for the present, honoring the heritage that made Limited Too a household name."

Jeans, jackets, and sweatshirts have already been revealed on the Limited Too Instagram as sort of a preview for the brand's relaunch.

Now that Limited Too is coming back, let's have a return of some of the best mall food court munchies. Which ones are you choosing?

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