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Recently I got into a conversation with someone on Facebook about what the name of the music store was in our local Texas mall. I spent hours on end listening to and buying music from that store.

Both of us had very similar experiences, and although I went there all the time, we both completely forgot the name. The best part about this is that the name of the store is actually what I became...a Disk Jockey.

DiskJockey was eventually bought out by FYE and at some point left our small-town mall. It's the same story for almost every retailer that hung their hat on physical media.

Digital Media Took Some Of These Brands From Us In Texas

I know that some people still like to buy physical records, and I have even personally started to rebuild my CD collection. There is just something about a CD that was made at the time the music was released.

The tiny liner notes with all of the lyrics, the mix, and the clarity are just very nostalgic for me. Even though I am a firm believer in living in the now, some things in the past were just better.

Although I also have some vinyl, they aren't as portable as CDs. Luckily my vehicles are still old enough to have CD players inside.

Even all of the toy stores I enjoyed shopping at when I was a kid are gone now. Take a walk down memory lane with this list.

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