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Shooting through the door to stop a home invasion can't be legal, can it? Actually, if you use deadly force to protect your home in Texas, almost anything goes.

Many of these types of laws are part of the "Stand Your Ground" or "Castle Doctrine" in Texas. It allows residents to use deadly force to defend themselves, their family, and their property from an intruder.

If you are acting in self-defense and it's deemed reasonable to do so, you will not be charged. Take a look at this video of a man shooting through his door to stop a home invader.



Shooting Through A Door Could Be Legal In The Right Circumstances 

As you can see, the bullets go through the door and hit the wall of the apartment behind them. If those bullets were to kill someone on the other side of the wall, would you be liable?

According to Jesse Hernandez of Hernandez Law Office, if someone gets shot by those bullets, it would be the home invader's fault. In Texas if someone is injured or killed while in the course of a crime being committed, the person doing the crime is liable not the person protecting their property.

That is because of the Texas felony murder rule. The perpetrators tried to kick in the door, and even though they never got off a shot or even touched a weapon, they would be liable for anything that happened.

It makes sense because that homeowner wouldn't have had to fire any shots if the criminals were not trying to bust down their apartment door.


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