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How Long Do You Have To Live Together?

It is a big misconception that if you live together for a long time, you are common law married in Texas. There is actually no time limit in any of the states that recognize common law marriages in the U.S.

You can be with someone and just live together forever, and you will never have to be worried that you accidentally got common law married. On the flip side, you could have just met someone and immediately tell everyone you are married, and you will be for the most part.

Much like saying “Candyman” in the mirror five times will summon him, publicly announcing you are married a few times could do the trick. If you separate, you will even have to get a divorce.

Can You Speak A Marriage Into Existence In Texas?

If you put your desires and intentions out there into the universe, somehow things just start to happen. Some people believe you can speak things into existence, but this one actually works.

There are actually three conditions to a common law marriage, and telling other people you are married is just one. Here are all of the conditions to be legally common law married in Texas.

1. You both must agree to be married.

2. After agreeing, you must live together as a couple in Texas.

3. You tell other people you are married.

It's that last one we have been talking about; it's a real thing. There are some other stipulations as well.

1. You must be 18 years of age.

2. You can't be married to anyone else.

3. You can't be related.

There are a few other stipulations, but these non-legal marriages are not hard to start, so be careful. It's when you want to split up that they become sticky…similar to a traditional marriage.

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