If you're planning on going out this Halloween in Dallas, TX or anywhere across the Lone Star State there is one type of costume you should avoid. But don't worry, you've got witches, vampires, perhaps a zombie even. There are countless classic Halloween costumes to choose from.

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If you want to avoid embarrassment though, according to recent research, any of those would be better than one particular type this year.

Your favorite super hero would be great, a princess even. You could go the punny route and be Ghost Malone (the ghost of Post Malone), or a Pumpkin Spice Girl (combine a pumpkin with your favorite Spice Girl), or even Beauty and The Beastie Boys.

But listen, if you want to have the best chance at avoiding dressing like someone else at your party, these folks, found that a "video game character" will be the most popular costume in Texas this year.

And this data is fresh. Just a little over a week ago 3,000 Americans were polled on their favorite Halloween costumes (for both them and their pet).

Key Findings: 

  • Video game characters are the most popular Halloween costumes for Texans, followed by witches and pumpkins.
  • Of those from Texas who have a pet, 50% said they will be dressing them up for Halloween this year.
  • A pumpkin is the most popular pet costume for Texans, followed by a lion and a bat.

So, to avoid being one of multiple Mario's this year, leave him and his brother, Luigi, at home. Instead opt for Jon Snow White (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones mixed with Snow White), or just your classic vampire.

Whatever you go as, most of all have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!

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