A woman from Bryan, Texas came home to her husband and he wasn't alone! According a report obtained by KWTX, on Wednesday, Stephanie Arevalo shot her husband in the leg after he was allegedly caught cheating. She also threatened to shoot the other woman who was also there at the house. Things escalated quickly and Stephanie shot her husband in the leg and threatened to shoot the other woman.

After this occurred, she called the cops on herself and waited for the police to show up. She reportedly told police her husband deserved it and she knew she was going to jail. The husband was taken to the hospital with non life threatening wound and was released.  She was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault/Family Violence with a Deadly Weapon.

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Here is another example of a couple argument that went to far .A San Antonio man was arrested after he bit off a piece of his girlfriend’s nose during an argument, San Antonio police say. An affidavit reveals that in July of 2023, David Morin Jr., 34, broke into his girlfriend’s apartment after she ignored his calls.


Morin and his girlfriend started to date in December of 2022; however, the affidavit said that Morin took his belongings from the apartment two weeks before the incident. When he returned to the apartment, he noticed some employment papers belonging to his girlfriend.

According to the affidavit Morin and his girlfriend started arguing about her going to work in a strip club. During the argument, Morin allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the throat and started choking her. Morin eventually released his grip and grabbed her closely by the shoulders. He then bit his girlfriend’s nose and tore off a piece before he fled from the scene, the affidavit said.

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