A few weeks ago I went on a family outing to the Ellen Trout Zoo. It was a great day for it and just one of the most special places in East Texas.

The kids had a great time, and they actually spent more time playing on the train, and riding the Z&OO Railroad than they did staring at the animals. For the price that was paid and the fun that was had, it was a bargain.

The only thing that could have made it a little better was some one-on-one interaction with the animals and staff. These new Ellen Trout Zoo paid experiences will do just that.

Join The Ellen Trout Zoo's Education Staff For Paid Experiences

Don't let the "paid" part scare you away. The prices are very reasonable with each experience only $30 per group for up to 6 participants.

Zoo admission is not included with the paid experience prices. All participants still pay for zoo admission or use their Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo membership when arriving at the Zoo.

Guests will meet the education staff at the zoo entrance and pay for their experience when they meet with the education staff members. They have some very special experiences planned.

Get Close Up With Turtles, Otters, and Toucans With Paid Experiences

The experiences include a Sulcata Tortoise Feeding Lab, Otter Pop Enrichment, and a Toucan Feeding Lab. You will also learn more about each animal, while you feed the animals.

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You will get to toss a fish pop to an otter or a grape to a toucan. Sounds like an interesting Saturday at the zoo. CLICK HERE to book your day.

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