Rodeos are a lot of fun. Personally, I love the bull riding portion of any rodeo. You really have to take your hat off to salute those athletes who will get on the back of an angry 1,000 pound animal and try to ride it for eight seconds. One thing we don't expect when attending a rodeo is one of those 1,000 pound animals getting into the stands where we're enjoying the show. That's what happened last weekend at a Tampa, Florida rodeo which caused quite the panic.

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How did the bull escape?

It seems the bull's handlers were loading two bulls into a chute when the one bull got past the other and busted open the chute panels. From there it took off towards the crowd, jumping a guard rail and around to the other side of the arena. The bull was lassoed and brought back to its pen and luckily no one was injured.

My Personal Opinion of the Crowd Reaction

I've been to quite a few rodeos. I would not expect to see an event like what happened at this Florida rodeo. I don't believe I would panic the way this crowd did. While you should be aware of what's happening, screaming and jumping around when you're far from the moment is not going to help the situation which is what this crowd did.

A Big Thank You to Those Cowboys

You have to give a big thank you to the cowboys that were there and were able to react to get the bull lassoed and back to where it belongs.

Hats off to that cowboy, his amazing horse, and his throw.

Video was captured of the incident and shared on TikTok. Check it out below.

@cryptothornton Bull breaks holding pen, jumps and escapes out of the arena during the Gus Trent Rodeo Fest in Tampa, Fl. Thankfully no one was hurt and was later captured by a Cowboy. (disclaimer: this is performed by professionals, also supervised, with medics on site, do not attempt) #bullriding #rodeo #rodeofest2022 #cowboy #tampa ♬ original sound - CryptoThornton

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